Assistance to refugees

Мальтійська служба допомоги людям та країні

The Malteser Relief Service in Ukraine during the war in Ukraine provides support to the civilian population. As of today, the following activities are being implemented:

Distribution of hot food and water at the Lviv Main Railway Station.

Every day our Malteser volunteers work at the Lviv Main Railway Station. All day long, refugees can come to our mobile point and treat themselves to sandwiches, cookies and water. We deliver hot soup, sublimates and tea three times a day.

Assistance to refugees in queues at country borders.

Daily our volunteers go to different border checkpoints, hand out blankets, cookies, diapers and water. At the Krakivets checkpoint, where most refugees have set up a Malteser field kitchen, we are constantly preparing hot soup and main dishes. Refugees can enjoy hot tea, sandwiches and sweet treats. For children we have baby food, diapers. Malteser Relief Service are handing out blankets to keep young refugees from freezing in line. Also at the Krakivets checkpoint, MRS rescuers provide first aid to children and all those in need.

Organizing assistance at the local level to meet the needs of refugees.

The Malteser Relief Service is open 24/7. Every day, thanks to financial aid, we have the opportunity to buy basic necessities. Not indifferent Lviv residents bring food, clothes, mats. MRS staff and volunteers are constantly sorting out aid and handing it over to refugee reception centers.


Details at the link.

Organization of humanitarian aid from abroad through the Representations of the Maltese Order and the Maltese Services of the World

Conducting first aid courses.

The Malteser Relief Service Rescuers and the Dovzhenko Center conduct daily Courses of First Medical Aid for all those who want to learn how to provide care and be prepared for various emergencies in life.

The Malteser Relief Service continues to provide food for the elderly.

Thanks to the support of caring people, we have been able to continue delivering food kits to people at risk. Our goal is to ensure ongoing delivery to the doors of the “mobile” charity kitchen, and if possible, to increase the amount of assistance.