First Aid

The Malteser Relief Service provides first-aid courses for those who know how vital first aid is and how crucial it is to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies.
Our main focus is practical skills because, in case of an emergency, people should be quick and precise. That is why all training exercises are performed as many times as necessary for the listener to be able to provide assistance properly.


We can work with each person individually or with many students in groups. The course is 8 hours long, and each group consists of 10 students. We also have experience in corporate training — when all company employees take the course.

Complying with the norms of the European Resuscitation Council and the Ukrainian legislation, the course program includes:

  • safety when providing first aid, including legal;
  • identification of victims;
  • separation from the source of danger;
  • emergency call;
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (adults and children);
  • the arrest of bleeding;
  • injuries (fractures, dislocations, bruises);
  • foreign bodies in the respiratory tract;
  • convulsions, including epilepsy;
  • cardiovascular system diseases (heart attack);
  • strokes;
  • hypothermia, frostbite;
  • heatstrokes;
  • burns.

The Malteser Relief Service has extensive experience in first-aid training as we have been conducting such courses since 1993.

The teachers are volunteer rescuers who have been trained in qualified first aid. In addition, they have European-style certificates, allowing them to be rescuers even in the European Union.
In addition to first-aid training, our rescuers work at marathons, pilgrimages, sporting events, as well as World Youth Day events (Krakow) and pilgrimage to Medzigorje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This allows them to examine real first-aid cases during training.

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